Wizards Gone W!LD

The Fandom Fan Diaries

A message from your producers...

We all loved the Wizardrockumentary and We are Wizards! They gave us a great perspective on some big wizard rock bands and big name fans...but what about the rest of the fandom? The everyday fans?

A short time ago myself and one of my friends were up at 5 am cackling to scenes in We Are Wizards and we wondered when someone was going to make a documentary about everyday fans. The kind of fans that are out there saving up all their money to go to a conference or praying they're income was enough for a flight across the country. Fans like we all are. So we decided to make one.

It was that simple.

We want to make a documentary for the fans and by the fans. While the other two are great fan based features (no one is disputing that!) we wanted to take it further... we wanted to accept fan submissions so we could see into the everyday lives of our fandom friends. We wanted to make the fandom fan diaries and encountered a lot of crazyness along the way. So the fandom fan diaries quickly became Wizards Gone Wild.

We want a jam packed video of fandom-y goodness! So if you sing "99 death eaters" in your car with your friends, we want to see you singing on tape! If you have outragous footage from Wrockstock we want to see it!!!!

This is unrated material because we just want real fandom and that includes talking about everything. Even that stash of slash you have saved on your hard drive..(thought we didn't know about that didn't you?)

If you are an author, fan artist, fanfic writer, filk singer or any other fandom inspired muse then we want to see your work! We want you to answer questions! Most of all we we want to see why you love this fandom!

We all participate in different ways.
How do you participate?

We want randomness, wrock shows, road trips and after parties.

All proceeds will be split between a charity that will be disclosed soon and The Harry Potter Alliance.

So get crazy and go wild! (just catch it on tape)

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